New Brunswick Ind., Inc. (NBII) is a comprehensive consultation, problem solving and risk management firm meeting the needs of business, industry, prominent people and government entities throughout the world. We have been striving diligently to build an in depth business relationship with each of our clients and provide better service to each of them. NBII has been assisting business chart their direction. Providing excellent personalized service has been the key to solving problems by every one of our business associates. We have been satisfying client's service needs for businesses since 1974.

Why hire a business consultant or risk assessment firm?

  • You need specialized skills
  • Your problems have become overwhelming
  • You are in fear of the future
  • You need third party objectivity
  • You need new ideas
  • You require a different skill set
  • You have a large, complex and/or politically sensitive project
  • You need a task or project completed, but you do not have the staff to do it in-house
  • You require assistance in connecting with other appropriate markets

Your questions and problems aren't new to business

You need answers and solutions to fit your business!

We do not buy nor sell gold,oil, diamonds or solicit security products.